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Anssin Electric

    Our purpose is simple: to create more value for our customer.
    We founded in 2009, we began as a small factory in Yueqing city that only manufacture LB1-63 MCB and AD20 modular din rail socket.
    Today, we still manufacturing MCBs and Sockets—as well as AC Contactors, Relays, Timer switches, Bell Transformers, Thermostat, Power Supply and more. The “more” is providing the best OEM service, the ODM Design and Manufacture experience, and Molding design and manufacture service and purchasing service.
    We aim to inspire our customer by manufacturing it’s possible to simultaneously provide optimized solution to customers in a long-term, sustainable way.
We are looking forward that in the future customers won’t even realize we are only MCB manufacturer, Instead, they will know Anssin Electric as an excellent low voltage electric solution provide and partner.

Why choose us

Family owned & operated

Spanning two generations, our company is rooted in teamwork and family values. We work alongside each other, aim to help our customer grow up.

Product consistency

Providing consistent, competitive, high-quality products. Anssin own Skilled and Experienced Engineers, and Molding tool workshop, and injection plastic machine workshop, and testing lab. That’s what Anssin Electric offers you to keeping the product consistency that you purchased.

Cost-effective solutions—from concept to completion

Budgets often drive project decisions. we do it all in free for our customers—Design, 3D sample, Testing and Manufacture and more. In order to create more chance for our customer.

Punctual, scheduled service

Anssin Electric has always committed to delivering punctual service. We understand that the time is valuable and competitive, so we strive to make every scheduled appointment on time.

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We will resolve your doubts when you contact us.

People We Work With

Help Customers
Grow Better and Faster

In order to let customers avoid the trap of price competition,
Anssin team have two concepts that to grow a business.

  • Help customer to grow up with more profit margin, We can provide you free molding design and manufacture, and stable production service for some products that you sell huge quantity but profit is lower year by year.
  • Help customer to grow up with improved product series. We can help customers to develop hot selling products with complete series, create new growth point. One by one, year by year, and then you will find you are win.

We have helped 30+ customers to keep the 17% annual growth rate, many customers have worked with us more than 10years.

That’s why our customer grow up with us together with long term business relationship.
Create more value for customers with sustainable competitive advantage.



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