Enclosure Thermostat

We have not only heaters, but also Thermostats and Hygrostats

Full Range Enclosure Thermostat Manufacturer

Our Thermostat has all the following features

>Wide voltage range

> Energy saving

> Compact

> Low surface temperature

> Wide voltage range

> Quick installation


These small heaters are designed to prevent condensation of the device, and ensure that the temperature in the small housing is higher than the minimum operating temperature.


These smart thermostat, you don’t need to do anything. It can learn any of your schedules. When there is no one in the family, it will automatically turn off, and the temperature around the home is kept in a comfortable temperature while allowing you to use less energy (achieve win-win).


Hygrostat is meant to regulate the relative air humidness inside enclosures. once connected to AN enclosure heater, (de-humidifier), it’ll flip the heater on at the set humidness level so as to lift the temperature. This helps forestall harm and malfunction of electronic parts caused by condensation and corrosion.

Thermostat‘s Products

You can choose Thermostat‘s product and other din rail modular products.

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