Energy Meter

Anssin energy meter Provides you with the precise amount of electrical
energy consumed by your home, business or electrical equipment

Full Range Energy Meter Manufacturer

Measurable Energy Efficiency -Comprehensive cost control

Managers of shopping malls, airports, hotels, office buildings and other commercial properties face the same challenges. How can costs be distributed to all tenants in a fair and precise manner while improving energy efficiency? Both goals can be achieved with a ANSSIN energy meter.

Allocating energy consumption to individual tenants or consumption points can be significantly simplified through comprehensive acquisition. Quickly identifying sources of energy waste can reduce undesired energy consumption and increase energy efficiency.

Applications We Solve

Energy Meter from Generation to Consumption

Critical Infrastructure

Data centers, military, airports,
hospitals, telecom

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial buildings, universities, oil & gas, mining, shopping malls, manufacturing

Renewable Energy

Wind, solar, distributed
energy applications

Utility Segment

Power gen., gas, water,
transmission, distribution

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