Miniature Circuit Breakers

You’ll find great prices on a wide range of different miniature circuit breakers

Full Range Miniature Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

Anssin electric manufacture full range MCBs, 
Amper to 125A max, 
Breaking capacity from 3KA,4.5KA 6kA to 10KA.
MCB is used to protect an electrical circuit from over current. The over current in an electrical circuit may result from short circuit/overload or faulty design. In order to restart the flow of current the MCB is manually turned on.

LB65-63/ LB68-63


LB1-63 MCBs 3KA 4.5KA

LB1-63 MCBs 3KA 4.5KA  can be used for protect circuits against short circuits and overcurrent faults.

LB65-63 LB68-63 MCBs 6KA

LB65-63 LB68-63 MCBs 6KA can be used for protection of control circuit against short-circuit, overload current faults.

LB7-100 MCBs 10KA

LB7-100 MCBs 10KA can be used for circuit control and isolation functions.

Automatic MCB's Factory

MCB’s factory is automating the processes, including magneticelectronic system, contacts system and Arc supperession and Inspection. Now the daily production capacity for MCB is 40000pcs.

In-House Manufacturing For OEM&ODM

We have owned injection factory of 2,000㎡ and 32 pieces injection machine for customized plastic manufacturing process.


Automatic test inspection for final products
Manual inspection to check potential operation defects.
Double manual inspection to check the customer’s special requirements before shipping.

MCB's Products

You can choose MCBs product and other din rail modular products.

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