Modular din rail socket

Modular din rail socket

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Modular din rail socket allows the connection of devices, tools or electrical and electronic non modular equipment in civil and industrial electrical switchboards.

Anssin has a very wide range of modular din rail sockets, which includes 11 models conforming to 8 national standards –German, French, English, Italian, American, Australia, Thailand – suitable for use in around 90 countries.
The modular sockets have local quality approvals, attesting their conformity with applicable regulations.

The modular din rail sockets range is available with the following options:

– Voltage indicator light
Modular din rail socket with indictor light function:
The presence of the indicator light on the modular sockets is helpful in order to indicate whether supply voltage is present, making it clear if a socket is powered or not.
Anssin modular din rail socket series.


Anssin can provide design and manufacture service for din rail modular sockets, including mold design and manufacture, and product manufacture.


How many socket standards are there?

Is it possible that a country uses more than one standard? In this case, how can I choose the correct solution?
There are 13 socket standards, and in many countries more than one standard is in use. Importation of equipment, such as household electrical appliances, has often made it necessary to install foreign standard sockets able to accommodate the plugs this equipment is fitted with.
In order to ensure the correct use and to guarantee maximum safety, please contact Anssin or local Anssin agent.

What are safety shutters and what kind of protection do they offer?

These are insulating components located in front of the holes for the plug pins (and therefore the socket’s contacts); they create a barrier between the accessible part of the socket and the live parts. They create an obstacle to inserting objects which could create a danger for untrained users: metal objects, wires, screwdrivers etc.

Safety shutters are designed to open only when a plug is inserted, therefore offering additional safety.

Can I connect modular sockets in any direction in a switchboard (vertical, horizontal etc.)?

Modular sockets can be installed in any position in an electrical switchboard to meet the needs of customers around the world.

How can I measure the energy consumed at a modular socket?

SDM120A/D/DB Din rail single phase energy meter is ideal to measure the energy consumed at a modular socket.

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