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Pop up socket

Not only pop up socket, but also Flip up socket, Horizontal socket and kitchen island socket

Manufacture Full Range Desk Power Strip Sockets

    Anssin manufactures and supplies various kinds of desktop power sockets for the electrification of workstations in offices, kitchens or other worktops. 
    Our power extension socket modules are sleek and innovative designs with fantastic features including a dual-port USB charger and type A+C fast charging, and RJ45 and Lan port…
    At present, we have a variety of types, such as pop-up tower socket“, “flip up horizontal socket, “ edge mount power outlet” and “flush mounted electrical outlet” and“corner socket“. It is easy to install and disassemble.

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Desk Power Socket Series

Pop up socket

This kind of socket is mainly represented by APP07 series of round hole embedded pull-up type, the appearance of table hole type installation, cover thickness in color, there are also sandblasted silver, rose black, brushed nickel a variety of colors for choice. Press the top cover of the product to open it up, after the top cover is lifted manually pull the product from under the table to the table to form a tower socket workstation.  Anssin developed and designed the pneumatic lift-off desktop power socket ASP09 for lift-off and pull applications.

pop up socket aluminum alloy APP07

stainless steel pop up outlet APP07

Pneumatic pop up Socket AEP16

Table clip socket

This kind of socket is mainly represented by the AFP20 series table clamp-type desk edge socket. There are two kinds of installation methods, one is the I-clamp fixed, the other is the screw fixed. This socket is a portable socket workstation that can be installed on the edge of the table or table.

Table clip socket ASP09

Table clip socket ASP10


Table clip socket AFP20

Embedded socket

This type of socket is mainly represented by the D08 series flip up desk flush mounted horizontal power socket. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, and there are also sandblasted silver, rose black and brushed nickel for choice.

Embedded socket D06

Embedded flip socket D08

Embedded socket AEP15

Corner socket

This type of socket is mainly represented by the C06 series corner socket. This type of socket is mainly installed in the kitchen wall Angle or desk screen Angle or other similar scenes, not only extending the socket, USB application function, but also does not affect the use of the work surface.

Corner socket C06

Pop up socket's products

You can choose the style and material of all the above products, including the type of socket, the number of sockets, whether it has USB, etc. For more information, please contact us

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Most frequent questions and answers

Electrical Requirements: Make sure the outlet meets the electrical needs of the appliance, taking into account the rated voltage and current.
Safety: Look for outlets with built-in safety features, such as shutters to prevent accidental contact with live parts.
Durability: Choose outlets made of high-quality materials that can withstand the demands of your kitchen environment.
Design and aesthetics: choose outlets that complement the overall design of your kitchen and match your preferences.

The terms “socket” and “socket outlet” are often used interchangeably. They both refer to devices that allow electrical appliances to be connected to a power source. A receptacle usually consists of the receptacle itself along with associated wiring and mounting hardware.

The number of outlets needed in a kitchen depends on specific requirements and usage patterns. It is generally recommended to have a sufficient number of outlets to accommodate the appliances and equipment you plan to use in your kitchen. When determining the number of outlets required, it is recommended to consult local electrical codes and consider factors such as countertop space and appliance placement.

Type A: Used in North and Central America, Japan, and parts of South America.
Type B: Commonly used in North America.
Type C: Commonly used in Europe, Asia and Africa.
Type D: Used in parts of India and Nepal.
Type G: Used in UK, Ireland and various other countries.

The kitchen socket does not have to have its own circuit, but it is recommended that major appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens have dedicated circuits. Local electrical codes may have specific requirements for kitchen circuits and outlets, so be sure to check those guidelines.

Kitchen outlets are usually the same outlets used in other areas of the house. However, depending on local electrical codes, there may be specific requirements for kitchen outlets, such as the use of a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) near a water source for added safety.

The main difference between a switch and an outlet is their function. A switch is used to control the flow of electricity to a connected device, turning it on or off. Outlets, on the other hand, provide connection points for electrical appliances to receive power.

Outlets are designed with safety in mind and are safe to use if installed and maintained properly. They combine functions such as grounding, insulation and protective shutters to prevent electric shock and accidents. It is important to follow electrical codes, use certified products and ensure regular inspections to maintain safety.

Different outlet types exist primarily due to historical and regional differences in electrical systems and standards. Each type is designed to fit a specific plug design and meet the electrical requirements of the corresponding region.

The most common types of outlets vary by region. For example, in North America, Type B sockets (NEMA 5-15) are most commonly used, while in Europe, Type C sockets (Europlug) are widely used. However, it’s important to note that there are several types of outlets used around the world, and the most common one may vary by geographic location.

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