Project Description

TSM Plastic Distribution Box

Distribution box have many different types for various applications: TSM distribution boxes (surface/embed), HA HT distribution boxes (surface/embed), waterproof distribution boxes (surface/embed), TS Metal distribution boxes (surface/embed)


distribution box

Selection and Technical Data

Number of PortsLength(mm)Width(mm)Height(mm)
2 ways9014060
4 ways112210100
6 ways148210100
8 ways184210100
10 ways222210100
12 ways256210100
15 ways312210100
18 ways364222100
24 ways270325100
36 ways270460100

The electrical lines of a building are brought together in distributors in order to guarantee a clear and safe electrical installation. Integrated carrier rails (35mm Din rail) make keeping an overview and installation in the distributors easier.


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