Project Description

Impulse Latching Relay

Impulse latching relay is designed to manage the control of lighting circuits in private buildings, small industry factory and commercial buildings.

Latching relays – operate when impulsed by a signal voltage.

The impulse can be provided by a pushbutton or switch. The first pulse operates the relay and latches it into its set (opposite) state, the next operation of the pushbutton returns the relay into its reset (original) state. Each pulse that is sent to the magnetic coil system switches the device to its previous position where it is held mechanically until the next control pulse is received.

The devices are designed for rated currents 16A.

Conform to standard EN669-1 and EN669-2-2

  • impulse latching relay
  • impulse latching relay
  • epn impulse latching relay

Technical Information

Coil VAC 50/60Hz:

  • 24Vac/48Vac/230Vac

Mounting Type:

  • 35mm Din Rail

Connecting Capacity:

  • Solid 1 x 1 … 10 mm²
  • Flexible 2 x 2.5 mm²
  • Flexible with Cable End 1 x 0.75 … 6 mm²
  • Flexible with Cable Lug 1 x 0.75 … 6 mm²
latching relay

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