Project Description

Source Management

Quality Material

We are your true electric partner much more than just a manufacturer. Our experienced teams provide advanced solutions to material constraints, availability, and quality issues, which ensures the high quality and precision character of our products.

At Anssin Electric, all materials ranging from Plastic, Copper, Steel, housing to terminals, are specially treated to exude the specific performance and speed you required.

raw material
mould manufacture by ourselves

Mold Manufactured

By Ourselves

This is a crucial process which guarantees the stable and coincidence performance of our products. Our skilled mold engineer have an eye for detail and ensure all parts are processed to standard dimensions for perfect appearance and functions.



We have our own injection factory of 1,000㎡ and 22 pieces injection machine for customized plastic manufacturing process.

in-house manufacturing

IEC60695-2:2000 plastic fire resistance test

salt spray test

All metal parts passed 24 hours salt spray test

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