Project Description

Step Relay

Step relay with electrically separate coil and contact circuits,

that is designed to control the living room and bedroom and stair lighting, etc.
1 or 2 Pole electromechanical step relay with electrically separate coil and contact circuits
• Choice of 6 switching sequences

• Screw terminal connections

• AC coil

• Panel mount

  • step relay
  • step relay

Technical Data

Technical Data  
Dielectric strength
-between supply and contacts3,500V AC
-between open contacts2,000V AC
-between adjacent contacts2,000V AC
Other data
Power lost to the environment
with rated current and coil de-energised
Screw torque0.80.8
Max. wire sizesolid cablestranded cable
1x4 / 2x2.51x2.5 / 2x2.5

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