What We Do

In order to meet the customer’s demand and provide the optimized solution,

Anssin provide customized design and manufacture with integration service for the low voltagea electric market.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

Anssin team have 12year design and manufacture experience, 14 kinds product production capacity and R&D resources to make the OEM service in low voltage electric equipment products.

Anssin is a professional OEM manufacturer with fast and versatile design and manufacture ability, to bring your brand and business to get more successes.

Original design manufacturer

Anssin opens annual new product budget and plan for our premium customers. If you just have a good idea and plan to develop some new products, you can contact us immediately. Our engineer team to check and evaluate your project soon. As usual, we can provide the solution within 3days. 7days for design draft, 30days for molding manufacture.

purchasing Service

Why we provide the purchasing service?
Our purpose is creating more profit for our customer.
We will have many products with big quantity when many customers purchasing many products through Anssin team.
We can bargain to get a better price and payment policy; our QC team can inspect the product to guarantee the quality before shipping.
Purchasing commission only 2%, that only for our premium customer.

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power energy meter SDM120

Working principle, measurement and classification of energy meters

Working principle of induction type energy meter     Induction single-phase energy meter is also called mechanical single-phase energy meter, which is designed by using the principle of electromagnetic induction. When the meter is connected to the measured circuit, the measured circuit voltage U is added to the voltage coil and an alternating magnetic flux

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