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Quality Control

We have UL standard fume box, EN standard fume box, high and low temperature controller, standard gas analyzer, aging test room and other necessary equipment, from manufacturing to quality control, and strive to do the best.


Customized Services

Anssin is both odm and oem, we will do our best to meet all the needs of our customers

Standalone Somke Detector

    A Standalone Somke Detector means you can use it without wires, it will last for years with just one battery, and it is easy to replace, so if it doesn’t work you just need to replace the battery and it will continue to work. (Of course, smoke alarms do have a life expectancy)

Stand Heat Detector

A stand heat detector, also known as a heat alarm, is a device that senses heat/temperature and is often used as a fire indicator. It is designed to help promote home safety by warning people of a fire through a local audible or visual alarm emitted by the detector itself. The installation and maintenance of heat-sensing detectors plays a vital role in reducing fire injuries and deaths.

Fire Strobe Siren

Fire Strobe Siren is a type of alarm for fire alarm systems. When a fire alarm is activated, it not only emits a loud sound, but also a powerful strobe flash effect. The purpose of these horn flashes is to immediately make people aware of the existence of an emergency so that occupants can begin evacuating as early as possible.

Smoke Detector 's Products

You can choose MCBs product and other din rail modular products.

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