Din rail socket outlet

The standard format din rail socket outlet is as important in modern control cabinets as in simple power distribution systems. The power socket is installed in an easily accessible location to provide quick connections for assembly tools, maintenance equipment and other electrical equipment.


Din rail socket

Plug type:

British standard, French standard, German standard, etc.


Standard ground

Rated current:


Installation type:

DIN rail mounted

Rated voltage:


Pole format:



Gray, yellow, red, orange

Simple and elegant

Din rail socket outlet has a simple and elegant appearance, which is the first choice for modern home decoration. At the same time, the socket protective shutter included in the socket can play a very good protective role.


Flame retardant material

Din rail socket outlet adopts imported high-strength flame-retardant material, which is flame-retardant and high-temperature resistant

Easy to install

Rail type installation, easy disassembly and assembly, the length of the rail can be freely controlled to control the number of Din rail socket outlets

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