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Not only digital timer switches here, but also mechanical timing switches and staircase timer switches

Full Range Timer Switch Manufacturer

    Timer switches are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to automate lighting and fan control and etc.
    Digital timer switch has multiple on/off cycles, you can choose within 24 hours.
    Difference between digital switch and  Mechanical Timer Switch is that the digital switch has a digital display instead of a clock hand.
    In addition, the digital time switch can have different motion sensors, so the lights can be turned on and off according to the time of day.
    You can save some time and effort by programming motion sensors instead of using them all day.

Desk Power Socket Series

Digital timer switch

Digital timer switch can automatically turn ON/OFF at the preset sunrise/sunset time based on data stored in the database. You don’t need to adjust your timer to keep up with changing sunrise/sunset times.

Mechanical Timer Switch

Mechanical Timer Switch adopts switch segment programming, which has fast reading speed and easy replacement. The shortest switching time is 30 minutes, continuous ON/AUTO/continuous OFF switching.

Panel timer switch

Panel timer switch is used for switches, electrical equipment, water, electrical cabinets… It functions as a timer device by opening and closing over time. Through a simple connection, this is a brand-new solution that automatically turns on and off home appliances, allowing people to have more time freedom.

Staircase timer switch

Staircare timer switch, electromechanical. No closed circuit current consumption. The toggle switch for permanent lighting is reliable due to the synchronous motor drive. The simplest time setting and the direct delay time reading on the absolute scale are precision mechanical, so accurate switching cycles. Very low sensitivity to interference

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