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We manufacture a full range series of desk sockets, including table power socket, in desk sockets, desk corner socket, desk clamp mount socket, automatic lifting socket.

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6 Series Enhance The Power Management Of Desk

Pop-up pull-out series

Cut out diameter 60mm desk power socket, easy pull-up motion lets the socket appear on the worktop like a tower, a push-down motion lets it disappear under the table.


In desk sockets Flip-up series

In desk socket series are square and horizontal. Push the cap and the body flip up lets the sockets appear on the desktop, push back lets the socket disapper under the desk.


Corner socket series

Corner sockets are designed to install under the upper cabinets in a kitchen – especially in the corner of a wall or the next cabinet. Let the corner become a power supply friendly.


Desk clamp mounted socket series

Desk clamp mounted sockets are designed to install on the edge of desk. It is comes with an easy clamp mount which makes it suitable for desks, workbenches, shelves, and tables.


Automatic pop up socket series

Automatic pop up socket allows the socket to easily pop up automatic. Available configurations include power socket and USB and Wireless Charging.


Pneumatic socket is verifying and testing

Anssin always work hard want to design and manufacture more space-saving desktop power supplies. Also expanding our functional modules for desk management.

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It’s not easy to find a reliable desk socket manufacturer with a reasonable price; Anssin is the right one for you.

Desk socket are popularly used in different kind of applications. They are intended to provide portable charging solutions,avoid the cost of wiring and avoid the mess of dealing with wiring.

Advantages of Anssin desk socket
The list of advantages and various purposes they can fulfill is never-ending. In this case, further suggestions should be made to improve the market value and practicality of the product,

What are the advantages?

It helps provide portable charging solutions
It is known that while electrical work is being carried out on a house: there may be a corner left abandoned. Plus, charging outlets can’t just be added and connected.
This charging socket has now been transformed into desktop electrical sockets. Desktop electrical sockets can be attached anywhere on the desk like an accessory, providing a very portable solution to charging problems.

Helps avoid wiring costs
Electrical wiring requires significant investment and is a very expensive process. This is why most people avoid adding charging slots in every corner of the house. But due to. After awhile. The usefulness of charging bays is increasing all the time. These desktop electrical outlets are the best solution available.
They don’t require any type of wiring. That they are built with the help of technology that connects them to third-party connections can also be a clue. That’s why it’s considered a cost-effective solution to your wiring problems

It helps avoid the mess of dealing with wiring
Typically, if the number of charging slots increases, the level of wiring clutter increases, which can also be very confusing and dangerous. This is a dangerous structure for children as they may be exposed to electric shock.
That’s why in this case, these table power sockets are connected on the table, which allows people to charge anytime and anywhere. This is a very effective solution. It does not require any type of wire handling. This is also an option worth considering.

Desk Socket :The Complete FAQ Guide

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    What is a desk socket unit?

    Desk socket unit is the set of sockets that can provide power to your computer, monitor, mobile phone and any other desktop device

    How many Desk sockets are there in an office?

    Generally speaking, the number of desk sockets required depends on the number of desks, the number of employees, and the number of electrical equipment you have. Anssin standard desk socket basically has 3 sockets and 2 USBs, which can basically meet the power needs of an employee.

    What are the differences between different Desk sockets?

    Different desk socket series can be used in different areas. When your desk is spacious enough, our AFP20 Desk mount socket series and C06 Desk corner socket series will play a perfect role. They can not only keep the desktop beautiful, but also provide enough Power support. When your desk is compact, our D08 In desk sockets series, App07 Table power socket series and Smart lifting socket series can function without taking up space on your desk (because they can be recessed into the desk), of course , these 5 models are also perfectly suitable for other countertops, and perform well on kitchen countertops, kitchen islands and different places.

    Why are desk sockets different?

    In order to adapt to different scenarios, Anssin has manufactured different types of desktop sockets, but the purpose is the same, to reduce desktop clutter and facilitate charging.

    How do I choose a desk socket?

    First of all, you need to consider the number of electrical appliances you own, how well they fit on your desktop, and the price range you can afford to decide on the style you need.

    Can a desk socket have multiple connections?

    Of course, our standard model has 3 sockets + 2 USBs, allowing you to power multiple appliances.

    What happens if you overload a desk socket?

    Our desktop outlets automatically cut off power due to surge protection.

    For all your desk socket from China, contact Anssin now.

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