Fire Strobe Siren FA-410

Sound and light fire alarm is a kind of alarm terminal equipment, suitable for sound and light alarm when fire occurs.

Operation voltage:

DC 6~ 24V

Working current:


Alarm sound pressure:

≥103dB@12V; ≥105dB@24V

Flash intensity:

≤1.2Ws,flash period: ≤1s

Flash light:

LED or Tube
LED life: ≥100000 times
Tube life:≥ 40000 times

Operation temperature:

-10℃~ 50℃

Operation humidity:

≤95%RH(no condensation)

Provenience of sound alarm:

Ⅰ Ambulance sound Ⅱ Sound of police car Ⅲ Sound of fire engine


L125*W125* H50mm


The sound and light fire alarm is an alarm terminal device for sound and light alarm in case of fire.


Two-wire wiring system is selected, the main wire end is connected to two main wires and the power end is connected to 12/24VDC power wire.
Three different tones, you can choose any of them.
Built-in 6 light-emitting diodes, super bright when sending alarm signal, effectively remind people to escape from fire.
The alarm will emit a loud sound and a fast flashing light to remind people to escape from the fire.

First, first, drill two holes wells at the installation (wall) with a hole spacing of 65mm / 2.56in, install plastic expansion plugs, (if the wall is made of wood, you can by tapping screws and directly snap yourself).
Two. Connect 12/24VDC power supply and network connection, and set up an alarm sound as needed.
Three, with two self-research screws, fixed alarm installation in place, tighten the alarm screws.

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