MFR012 Hygrostat

The electromechanical hygrostat is designed to control enclosure heaters so that the dew point is raised when a critical relative humidity of 65 % is exceeded. In this way, condensation and corrosion in enclosures with electric/ electronic components are effectively prevented.

Switch difference

4% RH

Permissible air velocity


Contact type

change-over contact

Max switching capacity

5A 250V


35mm din rail


Plastic according to UL94-V0




3-pole terminal for 2.5 mm , clamping torque 0.5 Nm max.:
rigid wire 2.5 mm  (AWG 14)
stranded wire 1.5 mm  (AWG 16)



Storage temperature

0 to +60  C (+32 to +140  F) / -40 to +60  C (-40 to +140  F)

Storage humidity

max. 95 % RH (non-condensing)

IP rate


Product details


Temperature switch:The black temperature switch can adjust from 40–90 degree

The fixed foot rack:MFR012 Hygrostat stick the guide rail,so that fix thermostat

mfr012 hygrostat

The 4 holers above:These holes are screw holes.wire insert from connect holes then tie the screw hole,so that connect the inner line

The 4 holes under :They are connect holes. The wire insert from the connect holesT

Stripes:metals in it.They feel the temperature in the air through the syripes

mfr012 hygrostat

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