Mini mcb switch

Mini mcb breaker LB7-100 is safer than fuses. In the case of the fuse, the power supply must be restored by rewiring or replacing the fuse, and the mini mcb breaker can be easily restored by simply turning it on



Overvoltage category:

Protection class:


Standard mounting:

35mm DIN rail

Ambient temperature:

-5 to +40℃

Storage temperature:

-25 to +70℃


IEC 60898


Mini mcb breaker LB7-100 is commonly used for lighting in office buildings, residential buildings, etc. It can also be used for power distribution and protection of facilities from overload and short circuit damage.

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Rail installation
The guide rail adopts “U” shape design, which is safe and reliable.
Usually the circuit breaker is installed vertically, and the inclination of the vertical plane does not exceed ±5°.


High-quality materials
Material: PC plastic, beautiful appearance, high breaking capacity, fast breaking speed, long service life, high performance and light weight.


How to use
Green indicator light: OFF disconnected
Red light: ON OFF


Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 500
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp (V) 4000
Electrical life 4000
Mechanical life 20000
Rated voltage (V) 230/400
Rated breaking capcity (KA) 10
Rated current (A) 6、10、16、20、25、32、40、50、63、80、100
Nominal cross section area 2 S (mm2 ) 1、1.5、1.5、2.5、4、6、10、10、16、25、35
Tightening torque (N·m) 2.5、2.5、2.5、2.5、2.5、2.5、2.5、2.5、2.5、5、5
Order Code 1pole(819411-819421)

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