Pop Up Socket

Pop Up Socket is designed to operate simply push down on the top cap and it will pop up, then pull the module up by manual to expose the 3x sockets and 2x USB chargers.Pop Up Socket is a perfect extension socket solution for desktop, such as Kitchen counter and Desktop and so on.

Optional Modules

pop up power socket app07 french
pop up power socket app07 british
pop up power socket app07 german
pop up power socket app07 australia
pop up power socket app07 american
pop up power socket app07 italy
pop up power socket app07 switch
pop up power socket app07 1A1C
pop up power socket app07 2x usb charger
2X USB charger
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Pop up worktop socket

Hidden Design: It is a USB retractable power strip and suitable for being installed on game room counters, conference rooms, meeting rooms, tabletops, desktops, worktops, work surfaces, kitchen island/ countertop, cabinets, RV, etc. It is a real space saver because the power socket can be hidden by pulling it down when not in use.
It can be installed in any direction, vertically or horizontally, as long as there is sufficient room for it to slide in and out.
Well-built body: It is made of fireproof ABS+PC material and aluminum alloy, safe and durable.
Built-in overload protection, the reset switch will automatically flip to the “off” position when there is voltage or current overload to protect connected devices and avoid fire hazards.
It is equipped with two USB charging ports and the output of the USB ports is 2.1A in total, supporting 2 smart mobile phones plugged simultaneously in .

Perfect Pop up Electrical Outlet For Desk

pop up socket use in table

Tabletop pop up socket,Doesn’t look messy at all.Pop-up socket with usb provides convenience for charging your phone, eliminating the need to plug your phone into a distant wall plug when it’s dead

Retracts under the table to perfectly fit the table,Doesn’t take up any space

pop up socket use in desk

Customized service


Optional modules:

  1. Top: Aluminum alloy, Stainless steel
  2. Color: Black, silver
  3. Socket Types:USA, GER, AUS, FRA, ITA, BRA
  4. Outlets:1,2,3,4
  5. Function Modules:USB charger, VGA, CAT, RJ45, HDMI, Switch,Indicator Light
  6. Cable Length: 1.8M (3*1.5mm²)

Installing and Using Guide

pop up socket Install1

a. Unscrew the detachable ring clockwise
b. Drill a 60mm diameter hole in your tabletop/desk, kitchen island or other place to be installed.
TIP: Drilling a hole slightly larger than specified will relieve the pressure on the pipe, which will make installation easier

pop up socket Install2

a. Pass the power strip vertically through the hole
b. Tighten the detachable ring counterclockwise until the body is secured, done.
Tip: Pay attention to the front of the AC outlet when installing

a. Push down the second top ring
b. Hold the center ring at the same time
Tips: Just gently press the ring down, no need to press it vigorously

pop up socket Install4

Pull up on the center ring, and the USB port and socket will come out.
Bonus tip: If you don’t need it, you don’t need to expose all sockets to fully stay up late.

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