Pop Up Worktop Socket

Pop Up Worktop Socket with 3x sockets and 2x USB charger with a Cap, Which is used to operate simply push down on the top and it will pop up, then pull the module up to expose the 3x sockets and 2x USB chargers.



Cable Length:

2.5m Aluminium construction

Cut Out Diameter:



1 year

Optional Modules

pop up power socket app07 french
pop up power socket app07 british
pop up power socket app07 german
pop up power socket app07 australia
pop up power socket app07 american
pop up power socket app07 italy
pop up power socket app07 switch
pop up power socket app07 1A1C
pop up power socket app07 2x usb charger
2X USB charger


pop up worktop socket

Meet the Ultimate Space Saver!

    Constantly worried that you might spill the extension cord that sits on top of the kitchen island? Don’t have enough outlets to power all the appliances you need for cooking? Got a headache from all the tangled wires in your not-so-spacious kitchen? Well, we have the answers to all these questions!
    Meet our pop up worktop socket! With this space-saving gadget, you not only have enough power to run your kitchen gadgets, but you also have a well-organized, uncluttered space! Plus, you can tuck the socket in when not in use, preventing short circuits from accidentally spilled liquids.

Pop up – it goes up and down manually

    This pop-up countertop socket is different from regular sockets that need to be physically “pulled up” when you want to plug something in. Here, all you have to do is press your finger on the center of the top of the socket, then pull it out, and you’re all done and ready to enjoy.
    The pop up worktop socket is especially useful if you suddenly need to plug something in during meal prep etc but are too lazy to wash your hands. Other than that, it makes your home look super modern and high tech! Just remember not to force start it or you may damage your device.

pop up worktop socket
pop up worktop socket

2 x Plug Socket + 1 x USB Socket + 1xTypeC

(Can be customized for different national sockets, the number of sockets, etc.)
    The amazing thing about this pop up worktop socket is that it not only comes with two sockets for all your devices, but also a USB socket and type socket for your smartphone, tablet or other device. Now you can easily follow your favorite chef’s recipes on your tablet without worrying about your device running out of battery!
    Also, even if you cook with multiple electric kitchen tools, you can still use the USB port if you have other USB compatible devices. With it, you can check notifications on your charging phone without going in or out of the kitchen!

High quality, made of aluminium or stainless steel

    Compared to the numerous wall sockets installed in your kitchen, this pop up worktop socket can add more power sockets to your space in a visually appealing way. Instead of boring black rectangular sockets, you’ll have a black plate that looks like a roller coaster on the surface of your kitchen counter or island! If you think outside the box, you can even develop ways to use these pop-up plug sockets as a core! In addition, the device is quality guaranteed and made of aluminum. Because of this, you don’t need to constantly worry that your sockets might rust or tarnish no matter where you use them.

pop up worktop socket

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