programmable electronic timer

Programmable electronic timer is mainly used to control the on and off of multiple circuits in multiple time periods, and more and more contact output cycles are set. These products are highly intelligent and easy to operate for both industrial and civil use.







Rated Current


Min.Switching Range

1 Minute

Power Cpnsumption



Programmable electronic timer THC15A
This product services are a cost-effective choice, there are very diverse features and flexible installation, and a wide range ofapplications.Digital electronics general purpose time switch can repeat programs with 16 ON and16 OFF settings for different uses for flexible scheduling. Advanced pre-setting one week before. To-the-minute setting accuracy.
Common functions:
– Daily and weekly program
– ON/OFF program
– Countdown program(1s~59m59s)
– 12/24 hour format conversion
– Calculated switching times
– Integrated operating hour counter
– Auto-correct time(-30 sec ≤△t≤30 sec)
– Preset date and time
– Permanent switching ON/OFF
– Integrated operating hour counter
– Built-in lithium battery, power failure memory
– 2 modulars
– Rated current: 15A,20A,25A 30A


When using the timer switch for the first time, please input AC power and charge the built-in battery, then press the reset button.
By default, the timer switch is in 24-hour mode. Press and hold the Time button (bottom left, next to Reset) for 5 seconds until it reads “AM” to set to 12 hour mode. Press and hold the Time button again for 5 seconds to set back to 24-hour mode.

Built-in rechargeable battery
It has a built-in 1.2V/40mA rechargeable battery and industrial grade chip, so the unit retains programmed settings even in the event of a power outage.


LCD Monitor
LCD display real-time to hour/minute and ON/AUTO/OFF, 1 minute to 168 hour timekeeping range.
Large LCD screen, easy to read, every number can be seen clearly.
Keys: D+ (set day), H+ (set hour), M+ (set minute).
DIN rail mounting, DIN rail not included.

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