Programmable Energy Meter SDM630-2C

Programmable Energy Meter SDM630-2C is a new generation modern design multifunction power meter that will measure and display electrical power quality parameters. It has been designed to allow the measuring of distribution for Lighting and Power circuits in one meter. Traditionally to conform to the L2 Building Regulation requirements, this is achieved using two separate meters. Due to now only installing the one meter instead of two, this is an effective solution on hardware and installation costs.


Nominal voltage(Un)  3×230/400Vac
Operational voltage  80%~ 120% of Un
Insultion capabilities  
 – AC voltage withstand    4KV for 1 minute 
-Impulse voltage withstand 6KV-1.2uS
Rated crrent (|b) 5A or 333mV CT input
Opeatia current range 0.4% lb-lmax  0.4% |b-|Max
Over current withstand   20|max for 0.01s
Operational frequency range  50/60Hz
Internal power consumption  ≤2W/10VA
Pluse output Configurable
Display LCD
Max reading   999999.99kWh

Download Spec Steet:Energy meter SDM630-2C  PDF download

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