Single Phase Energy Meter SDM230D

Single Phase Energy Meter SDM230D ,one phase energy meter with digital indicated for active energy metering.Housing for DIN-rail mounting, IP51 protection degree.Direct connection up to 80A,moreover the meter can be provided with pulse output proportional to the active energy being measured.


Model SDM230A /SDM230D
Display SDM230A electromechianical register
Nominal voltage(Un)  120V or 230Vac
Operational voltage  80%~ 120% of Un 
Insultion capabilities  
 – AC voltage withstand    4KV for 1 minute 
 -Impulse voltage withstand   6KV-1.2uS
Basic crrent (|b)  10A
Maximum rated current (|max)  100A
Opeatia current range 0.4% lb-lmax  0.4% |b-|Max
Over current withstand   30|max for 0.01s
Operational frequency range  50/60Hz
Internal power consumption  ≤2W/10VA
Pulse output 1000imp/kWh
Max reading   999999.9kWh(SDM230A)

Download Spec Steet:Energy meter SDM230D   PDF download

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