Power dsitribution box installation standard

Power dsitribution box installation standard

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    Nowadays, for the sake of safety, each household is equipped with one power distribution box at least, with the increasing household power load and especially the use of high-power household appliances.
    The distribution box is also called the power distribution unit, which can safely distribute power to other devices in the circuit. It usually contains an input terminal and multiple output terminals, and multiple devices can be connected to the distro rather than directly connected to the power supply. This use of electricity becomes safer, more efficient and convenient, and it also has the function of reducing the fusing and dangerous short circuit of the fuse.

what does a power distribution box do?

    Essentially, the use of distribution boxes simplifies the circuit, but also reduces a lot of unnecessary wires, saves energy and improves efficiency. In addition to saving energy, fewer wires will make people safer.Power Distribution box is easy to operate, and overhaul after circuit faults, that’s why it’s so popular.
    However, many families don’t install it rightly with the relevant specifications, which is prone to cause potential safety issues.


The Basic Specifications

1.The distribution box (as well as switchboard) shall be installed in a safe and dry place easy to operate. When installed, its bottom is generally 1.5 m from the ground; during the exposed installation, the bottom is 1.2 m from the ground, and from the bottom of the watt hour meter plate to the ground shall not be less than 1.8 m. In the same building, the height of switchboards in the same kind shall be uniform, and their allowable deviation is 10 mm.

2.Wooden bricks and iron parts required for the installing electrical distribution box (switchboard) shall be embedded. Wall mount electric distribution box (switchboard) shall be fixed with metal expanded bolts.

3.Steel distribution box (switchboard) shall be painted with one coat of antirust paint first, and then two coats of gray paint. All embedded irons shall be painted with antirust paint and make obvious and reliable ground connections. When the conductor is taken out of the panel, the panel wire holes shall be clean without burr, and the metal panel shall be equipped with insulating protective clothing. Please refer to Delixi CDEN1 series distribution box.

4.In the electrical distribution box (switchboard), the iron panel surface with  apparatus and the metal shells of the door and electrical appliances equipped with apparatus shall have obvious and reliable PE wire( protective earthing conductor, which is a two-color wire with yellow and green, or can use braided soft bare copper wire to replace), but PE wire is not allowed to be connected in series with the cabinet or box.

5.The wires of the electrical distribution box (switchboard) shall be organized neatly and bound into bundles, fixed at the moving parts. Appropriate distance shall be reserved for the outgoing and incoming wires on the panel to overhaul. Please refer to the following figure for the distribution on Delixi air switches in the distribution box.


6.The conductor core shall not be damaged or reserved too long at the exploitation place, and the conductor indenter shall be fixed and reliable. Stranded wires shall not be crimped by coils, and also need to add crimping terminals(except those with crimping holes). If it is necessary to set screw for compression joint when piercing, strands shall be crimped after rinsing tin, and the number of strands shall not be reduced.
In power distribution box (switchboard), there are various knife switches and automatic switches installed on the panel surface. In the broken circuit, the movable parts of the blades shall not be charged (except under special circumstances).

7.For the vertically installed electrical appliances, like knife switch and fuse, the upper end is connected with the power supply and the lower end is connected with the load. For the horizontally installed electrical appliances, the left side (facing the panel) is connected to the power supply, and the right side is connected to the load.

8.As for the power light on the power distribution box (switchboard), its power supply shall connect to the outside of the main switch, and install a separate fuse (power supply side). The position of panel switch accessories shall correspond to the branches, and a card box shall be installed under it to indicate the road types and capacity.

9.The neutral conductor N in TN-C Low voltage power distribution system shall be repeatedly grounded on the box or panel, where it is introduced into the grounding main line.

10.In lighting distribution box (switchboard), there are obvious signs for AC(alternating current)、DC(direct current) or power supply of different voltage class.

11.The lighting distribution box (switchboard) shall not be made of combustible materials. When using the wooden distribution box (switchboard) in dry and dust-free places, people shall make flame retardant treatment.

12.In the lighting distribution box (switchboard), the neutral conductor N and PE wire( protective earthing conductor)shall be set bus bar respectively. And these two kinds of conductors all shall be connected on the bus bar without hinge, with their numbers.

13.In the center of the plug-in fuse base, the exposed screw hole shall be filled with insulation to prevent discharge to the ground. The fuses shall not expose metal screws and filled with sealing wax.

14.For the screw fuse installed in the power distribution box (switchboard), its power cord shall be connected to the terminal of the intermediate contact point, and the load line shall be connected to the terminal with screw threads.

    Before installing the household distribution box, be sure to check out the device parameters involved, and then configure a suitable one according to the power supply of the household circuit, in combination with the rated current and working voltage used.
    To make sure the installation safety and completeness of household circuit, people shall eliminate the potential safety issues of the circuit from the source.

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