How to choose a good foot pedal switch?

How to choose a good foot pedal switch?

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What is a pedal switch?

    Under all kinds of large equipment, people often find a “small tail”, which is the pedal switch, also known as the foot pedal. Namely, it’s a switch that controls the on-off of the circuit by stepping on, used to replace hands operation when people cannot touch buttons to control equipment.
    It can also be used to control the amount of output current flowing.

How it works?

    Actually, a simple foot switch is an internal travel switch. When here comes a stepping-on to make a signal, the switch will perform an action. However, in the welding field, it also plays a role in controlling the amount of output current flowing.

Do i need a pedal switch?

    In many cases, the foot switch is used because it enables users to operate their machine or computer “hands-free”, allowing them to multitask. If the user is in a call center, he can use the foot switch to answer the phone, so that the user can operate the computer with two hands.
    Using a foot switch can also ensure that the work space remains clean and tidy. Leaving the foot switch on the floor means more space on the table, and using manual controls or manual switches will not produce the same effect.


    This type of pedal switch can also be divided into two categories— mechanical pedal switch and inductive pedal switch. The former one works by rack and pinion traditionally, and the latter one works according to some principles, like electromagnetic induction.
    Pedal switch is widely used in medical instruments, stamping equipment, welding equipment, textile equipment and printing machinery.
    In the electronics industry, there are two kinds of working configuration: automatic and inching, like the appliances of Xiao Jingang( one kind of pedal switch) and terminal machine. Inching runs the equipment for a while after a stepping-on the pedal switch.

What is it used for?

    Generally speaking, there is just one function of it that switches on and off the circuit.
    Differences between various pedal switches are just on working forms and installation positions of the operating mechanism.

Where makes Anssin pedal switch superior?

  1. We generally use plastic spraying to treat its surface, which makes it armed with some excellent qualities, such as good wear resistance, impact resistance and high temperature resistance, and running smoothly under any temperature below 180 °.
  2. We provide a cable connector at the leading part of the cable, so it has a good effect of waterproof, oilproof and shockproof.
  3. We make the internal inching switch contact plated with 24K gold, which improves the  flexibility during operation.

  4. Its internal inching switch is certified by UL, VDE, TUV, CE and CCC, so it has better quality assurance.

So, people can choose a suitable pedal switch from following three aspects:



Contact point mechanism with high-quality

    Essentially, the traditional mechanical foot switch controls the internal contact point mechanism by forcing on the pedal. The on and off of the contact mechanism is used to control the on and off of the circuit. Therefore, the quality of the contact mechanism is definitely crucial. The internal inching switch of Anssin pedal switch adopts a thicker  contact point mechanism with the greater silver, so as to ensure people not feel their foot uncomfortable after the long-term use.



Accessories with high quality and consistency

    Before using Anssin pedal switch, many clients have used pedal switched from other brands with have some small problems in a normal use setting. The pedal tread board rubber may fall off, the bottom anti-slip protection may skid, and the spring may be loose.
    These seemingly unimportant tiny problems accumulate little by little, and ultimately reduce the efficiency greatly when using.
    Anssin thinks highly of quality and consistency when selecting our accessory partners, ensuring that the qualities of each batch of finished products are consistent with the samples’. And our products can have more stable properties and longer service time when clients use them.


Shell and base with firmness

    In the new series of pedal switch, ANSSIN has further increased the strength of the shell and the bottom plate, so that the the safety can be improved during using .


  • Please pay attention to the rated load of the product, according to the differences of the nature of the load andthe current value 
  • Please pay attention to the occurrences, like short circuit and breakcircuit of internal wiring, during transportation and movement.
  • Please pay attention to the protection gradeof the product when it is used in places with a lot of water, oil, dust, etc.
  • Please be careful when using it, because heavy pressure and impacting forceare the direct causes to make product damaged.

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