Socket protective shutter

Socket protective shutter

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What is in the socket and what is it used for? Is it possible without it?

    This is the protective shutter in the socket, which is defined as: a movable part installed in the socket and used to automatically shield the socket when the plug is pulled out. In simple terms, its function is to protect the user’s operation safety, and is mainly used to prevent children from accidentally touching the conductive function.
    At present, there are still some sockets in use that are not equipped with this component. On the one hand, the socket has a long service life. The sockets produced before are not equipped with this component but are still in use. On the other hand, some poor manufacturers do not standardize their production to save costs. of. According to the national standard requirements of “GB 2099.1 Household and Similar Sockets Part 1: General Requirements”, whether fixed sockets or mobile sockets should be protected against electric shock, Article 10.1 stipulates:

  • The socket should be able to do so. When the socket is installed and wired according to the normal use requirements, the live parts are not easy to touch, even after the parts that can be removed without tools are removed.

    Through this regulation, it can be recognized that some insertions that do not meet the requirements of the regulations have the risk of electric shock. The role of this safety door is to provide safety protection for users. When the plug is inserted into the socket but not fully in place, this element prevents the socket inner sleeve from contacting the plug to prevent the plug from being charged; after fully inserted in place, the plug and the socket sleeve Contact, normal connection.
    Without a safety door, you can still get electricity through the socket, but there is a major safety hazard. The charged socket can be seen through the socket of the socket. If you accidentally insert it with metal, especially some children with greater curiosity, Easy to get an electric shock, causing very serious consequences. With a safety door, even if a hard metal rod is used for insertion, it can also play a good protective role and reduce the risk of use.
    The AD20 din rail socket series produced and sold by Anssin and the APP lifting socket series are equipped with excellent child protection functions. Please check the following picture:

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